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August 24, 2007

Newbie python

Filed under: programming, python, R, science — chris @ 12:09 pm

I’ve finally hit a problem requiring multidimensional data structures, mathematical grunt, and speed, coupled with good DB bindings and text/file handling. Normally, I would use a perl script to fetch data from the db and process it with R (as I’ve been having trouble with the R DBI library). However, processing 31K chunks of data for 13K variables each just won’t work in R.

So I’m delving into python as a one-stop shop for all my woes. I’ve been procrastinating about learning the language, because, let’s face it, why write bad code in a new language when you can write ugly code in your long-term favourites.

Some resources I’ve found are: a python tutorial, the NumPy library for data arrays, SciPy and the python DB-API module. I’ll also have a look at StatPy for statistical computing in python.


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